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Free tool for the crash betting game

Predictor Aviator is a free-to-use utility that helps players increase their chances of winning in the increasingly popular crash betting game, Aviator. In this app from MobisMobis, you only need to run the simulator, connect it to an online gaming site, and follow the prediction for better odds. Remember that it requires an account and an initial deposit to use.

While the algorithm used by Predictor Aviator is built on solid mathematical modeling, it is by no means perfect. A part of it still remains based on luck and skill. It’s also different from the Aviator - online game.

A machine that plays for you

Predictor Aviator helps players win Aviator, a popular crash-betting game. This is a quick game where an animated airplane takes off. Players must then place bets before the flight or while the plane is still in flight. The challenge is cashing out while the plane still flies on the screen. You lose if it escapes or crashes and your bets are still on the table.

The longer the plane stays in flight, the more winnings you can earn. This is where the predictor comes in. The app plays for you. As such, you register with the app and invest funds in it. Then, you choose any of the supported online gaming platforms and join through the app. It tells you the best time to pull out your bets.

However, it’s worth noting that the prediction app doesn’t operate with 100% certainty. Being too dependent on the app might be detrimental to players. Additionally, it doesn’t support all online platforms that offer the Aviator game, although it definitely covers the most popular ones. This saves players from new or small servers that might be scams or have suspicious activities.

Improve your Aviator winning chances

While Predictor Aviator is not perfect, it definitely improves your chances of winning in the increasingly popular betting game. By giving you predictions, the algorithm-driven app actually boosts your confidence in keeping onto your bets for more winnings. While it doesn’t readily support all Aviation betting platforms, it does allow you to access the big leagues. It requires an account and a deposit, and you’re good to go.


  • Increases your odds of winning
  • Streamlines transaction into your in-app account


  • Doesn't support all Aviator platforms
  • Requires an in-app deposit

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